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10 Reasons to Hire Alan Pearse as Your DUI Lawyer

100% DUI Litigation: Alan Pearse practices only DUI litigation. He never accepts any other type of file. For example, if you get charged with murder or assault, he would not be able to take your file. The only files Alan Pearse takes are impaired driving, refusal and “over 08” offences. His practice is 100% DUI litigation. As the expression goes, practice makes perfect. DUI law is amazingly complex, and as a practical matter the more focused a lawyer’s practice, the more expertise they will develop.

Alan Pearse, LITERALLY, “Wrote The Book” on DUIs. More specifically, he is the author of the legal text book A Guide to Breathalyzer Certificates in Canada. This is a highly technical legal text book that is sold to other lawyers, crown and judges to explain the nuances of DUI litigation. It is published by Canada Law Book, which is one of the most prestigious legal publishers in Canada. Here is the link:


Alan Pearse is based out of Downtown Toronto. His main office is on 130 Spadina Avenue.

Alan Pearse Wins. Alan Pearse has a very high success rate, both with winning trials and having charges withdrawn by the crown (which is the same as winning). This is largely because he will tell you if your file is hopeless. Some people simply don’t have good defences, and there is no need to waste money on a lawyer. Sometimes this can be assessed in the initial interview, for no cost.

Experience Alan Pearse has been practicing since 2000. In that time, he has always been in private practice as a defence lawyer.

Will Travel to Any Part of Ontario. Although his main office is in Toronto, he will accept files anywhere in Ontario.

Payment Options Many accused people cannot come up with the entire retainer right away. Because of this, Alan Pearse will set up payment options that make sense to the individual client.

Incredibly Hard Working. People only hire Alan Pearse when it is a “bet the farm” type of transaction. Because of this, he takes all of his file incredibly seriously. Absolutely every workable defence will be strongly advocated.

Answers The Phone More or Less 24/7/365. Although many people call him at all hours of the day or night, his personal cell phone is usually on. Due to high call volume, it is usually better to text him first. His personal cell is (647) 465 – 7875.

He is a recognized Expert in DUI Litigation. Other defence lawyers routinely (and the occasional crown prosecutor) ask for his advice on DUI litigation. He commonly gives lectures and briefs to the defence bar on impaired driving. On one occasion, a senior criminal lawyer advised Alan Pearse that the lawyer listed Alan Pearse’s materials as part of his continuing legal education requirements.